Hand-blown Glass Tear Collector (Mix of green and white Shades ) ( one piece)

One Piece
Hand-blown Hebron glass tear collector.



Glass Blowing and Shaping is one of the most important and traditional industries in Hebron. This flourishing art industry was established in the city during Roman rule in Palestine. Due to its important role in the economic and the cultural history of Hebron, one of its quarters is named the “Glass Blowing Quarter “

Glass is melted in a 1200 degree celsius ovens then blown and shaped by an artist then finally cooled down in a lower temperature oven for 24 hours to allow the glass to completely solidify.

The idea behind the keeping of “tears in a bottle” is remembrance. The idea comes from Psalm 56:8, "You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected my tears in your bottle." David expresses a deep trust in God knowing He will remember his sorrow and tears and will not forget about him. David is confident that God is on his side. While God may not have an actual bottle where our tears are kept, He nonetheless remembers all the things that happen in our lives, including the suffering endured for His sake. 

These beautiful hand-blown bottles are a visible reminder to the owner of God's care and attention to our daily lives. Each tear collector is 100% Hebron glass and is approximately 3.8" tall and 1.8" wide at the base.

As depicted, each item will vary slightly in color and size as every one is hand-blown and unique making every single tear collector one-of-a-kind!




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